AMSU Library Department (AMSU-LD) provides access to quality, timely, and highly relevant information resources and services in the medical and dental sciences. AMSU-LD adheres to the university’s honored tradition of academic and research excellence by responding to the AMSU-LD challenges and demands for information resources, research assistance, and through innovative library services, programs and facilities.

AMSU-LD Goals:

  • Build engaging learning spaces that promote not only individual but also collaborative learning with the use of modern technology.
  • Develop library instruction programs to improve the information literacy and research skills of library users.
  • Offer information resources that support the medical/dental teaching, learning, research needs, and also creative works of library users.
  • Adapt to the changing needs of the institution by taking advantage of technology through innovative library services.
  • Protect and preserve the AMSU-LD’s resources by developing archiving and digitization programs that are appropriate to the institutional need.
  • Empower library staff through proper training and seminars and engage them appropriately to the activities of the library.

AMSU e-Library (EBSCO Academic Libraries):

  AMSU EBSCO  **request the user ID and password from the library administrator.

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AMSU-LD Staff:

Dr. Raafat A. Altarawneh
Jumana F. Al-Mubaideen