The Faculty of Dentistry aim to train local, international students, as well as researchers and highly specialized professionals of dentistry, dental care and oral health for the next generation, who have a research-oriented outlook and a scientific mind, by utilizing special programs.

Dean of Faculty of Dentistry

Prof. Ahmad S. Al-Hiyasat

Professor in Conservative, Endodontic and Fixed Prosthodontics, PhD

Dr. Adel M. Alghazawi

Assistant Professor in Chemistry, PhD

Dr. Mohammad A. Bani Ismaeil

Assistant Professor in Molecular Biology, PhD

Neveen A. Tbeileh

Lecturer in in Life Sciences (Biological), MSc

Eslam Al-Zoabi

Laboratory Instructor in Dental Technology, BSs

Buthainah I. Al-Tahat

Laboratory Instructor in Dental Technology, BSs