The Faculty of Medicine aims to guide students to understand and appreciate the philosophy and social implications of medical research, and prepare them to become leading international clinicians and researchers.
The aim of the Faculty of Medicine is to cultivate researchers, physicians, and health science specialists who are not only equipped with knowledge and technical skills in the medical and health sciences, but are also mindful of medical ethics and are able to cope flexibly with advances in medical science.

Dean of The Faculty of Medicine

Dr Amjad T. Alshatarat

Professor in Human Anatomy Histology and Embryology, PhD

Head of Basic Medical Sciences Department (BMS)

Head of Basic Sciences and Humanities Department (BHS)

Dr. Ahmad Mohammad Theeb Jabr

Associate Professor in Biophysics, PhD

Dr. Hamza A. Alduraidi

Associate Professor in Nursing Public Health, PhD

Hamza N. Hanieh

Associate Professor in Molecular Immunology. Ph.D

Dr. Abdallah Mahmoud

Assistant Professor in Biochemistry, PhD

Dr. Ali Hasan

Assistant Professor in Physiological, PhD

Dr. Mousa S. Altarabeen

Assistant Professor in Natural Product Chemistry, PhD

Dr. Ahmad S. Saqer

Assistant Professor in Computer Networks & Communication Engineering, PhD

Amenah A. Al-Niemi

Assistant Professor in Arabic Language and Literature, PhD

Maryam W. Al-Mazaydeh

Physics Laboratory Supervisor and Teacher, MSc

Fatemah S. Alqudah

Lecturer in English Literature & Language, MSc

Suhaib A. Alkhresat

Laboratory Instructor in _ _ _ _, BSs

Lara K. AL-Tarawneh

Laboratory Instructor in Chemistry, BSs

Rania R. Al-Sou'b

Biology Laboratory Instructor, BSs