Public Relations & International Cooperation

AMSU Public Relations & International Cooperation Department (AMSU-PRICD) implements activities aimed at the continuous development of the University's local and international relations, in particular:

  • Initiating and developing relationships with other local and international universities and other medical/dental organizations, research centers, labs and others,
  • Preparing cooperation medical/dental agreements and monitoring their implementation,
  • Ensuring residence formalities for the admission of students and providing consultancy on their integration,
  • Organizational and administrative provisions of educational courses for foreign students,
  • Preparing and organizing the University subject of Diplomacy,
  • Preparing, organizing and/or providing educational, cultural and promotion activities, summer schools, presentations, exhibitions and others, to support the university's international relations, 
  • Processing information on international projects (apart from scientific research), carrying out information and counseling activities to support international projects (other than scientific research) and keeping their records,
  • conducting scientific research and publishing activities aimed at the internationalization of higher education.

(AMSU-PRICD) Department Staff:

Nour F. Alfares