Prof. Abdul Rahman M. AL-Shudifat
Dean of The Faculty of Medicine

Professor in Neurosurgery, PhD

In all sense of pride, The University of Medical Sciences opens its doors this academic year to receive an elite group of future doctors through its Faculty of Medicine. The Faculty of Medicine, which has built a combination of the strength of its teaching and administrative staff and its advanced infrastructure, in addition to the scientific program that keeps pace with the latest developments in medicine. All the efforts exerted at all levels (from the Board of Directors, the administration of the university and its staff) have been exploited to serve the core of the educational process and its goal is the student. The student who we aim to be the future doctor capable of engaging in the medical work inside and outside the country with distinction keeping pace with what science has reached in the medical field.

Aqaba University of Medical Sciences is a star shining in the sky of the homeland, congratulations to the homeland of our beloved university, and the pride of our university of its homeland.